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The SimplyE Library Registry is a service provided by the New York Public Library on behalf of the participants in the SimplyE project. The Library Registry serves two primary purposes: as a discovery tool to help patrons find their local participating library in the iOS and Android SimplyE apps, and as a central authority registering the various Circulation Manager servers, providing Adobe digital rights management (DRM) capabilities enabling access to encrypted commercial ebook resources.

Step-by-step guide

  1. If not logged in, log in to the Admin interface and click the System Configuration item in the top menu bar.
  2. Click the Discovery sidebar item.
    1. In versions 2.2.8 or lower you will see an initial discovery item with no title; this will be an integration that enables registration of libraries with NYPL's Library Registry server
    2. In version 2.2.9 you will see ...
  3. Click the Edit button to the left of the listed discovery item.
  4. A discovery configuration screen will be displayed with a sub-form Register libraries

    All libraries configured in the Circulation Manager will be list in the sub-form with their current registration status.
  5. Click the Register button to the right of the library name which you would like to register with NYPL for access to its Adobe ID server.
  6. If the registration process is successful, a status indicator with a green background will show the library is 'Registered'.
  7. If the process is unsuccessful for any reason, you will see an error displayed in red, as shown below: