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You are using the SimplyE client on an Android device and the next time you try to open the app, it fails with the message "SimplyE keeps stopping." None of the three options presented (open app, close app, send feedback) helps. Force quitting the app or rebooting the device does not resolve the issue. Each attempt to open the app fails with the same message.


There are multiple potential causes. To begin resolving:

Step 1. Post a message to the #development channel on Slack to see if there are any current issues affecting the Android client itself. If not, go to step 2.

Step 2. It is likely that the Adobe registration for the particular user has reached its limit of 6 activations. This can occur especially when testing the SimplyE app. It is possible to reset the device activation count, but doing so will render any current checkouts, bookmarks, or other client-side persistent data unrecoverable (the user will appear to be a new user). For more information on this issue, see the article Resolve Adobe device activations reached Error.

Step 3. Re-test.