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A book shows up in list-type feeds but not in search results


If a book shows up in list-type feeds but not in search results, it may not have been added to the ElasticSearch index. This can be repaired using the bin/repair/search_index script.

Both the circ-scripts and circ-webapp containers include a script which repairs the Circulation Manager's ElasticSearch index. The two containers currently (v2.2.5) have slightly different entry paths. However, here's a sample process using the circ-webapp container to run the script:
  1. Log into the circ-webapp container's host instance
  2. Enter the container: sudo docker exec -it circ-webapp /bin/bash
  3. Activate the Python virtual environment: source env/bin/activate
  4. Run the script: bin/repair/search_index
  5. To finish, deactivate the virtual environment: deactivate
  6. Exit the container: exit