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This document is to help you connect your library's Bibliotheca Cloud Library collection to your Library Simplified circulation manager.

Requesting Access Credentials

To start connecting your library's Cloud Library account to your Library Simplified circulation manager, you will need to send an email to Cloud Library support,, requesting API access.

  • Say that you're implementing Library Simplfiied.
  • Give the name and address of your library.
  • Say that you need the following three pieces of information:
  • Library ID
  • Account ID
  • Account Key

Configuring Circulation Manager

Once you have received credentials for accessing the Cloud Library API, configure your Circulation Manager using these steps:

  • Step 1   Open a web browser and open your Circulation Manager admin interface.   This is you Circulation Manager URL with  
  • Step 2   From the menu bar, click Configuration to enter into the Configuration Manager portion of the Admin interface.

  • Step 3  Select Collections from the menu on the left and select Create a new collection

  • Step 4   Select Bibliotheca from the Protocol drop down field.


  • Step 5   Fill in the configuration form

    • Name the collection in the Name field (example: “Bibliotheca”)
    • Under Account ID, enter the account ID provided by Bibliotheca
    • Under Account Key, enter key provided by Bibliotheca
    • Under Library ID, enter your library id provided by Bibliotheca
    • Under Add Library, select the library this collection servers from drop down menu.
    • Click Submit