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Open Bookshelf is a digital library collection of popular books free to download, formatted for modern devices, and handpicked by a Curation Corps of librarians from across the US.

Add the Open Bookshelf to the Circulation Manager

1. Click the Collections item from the left menu

2. Click Create a new collection

3. In the Name field, enter: DPLA Open Bookshelf

4. Leave the Protocol drop-down at its default value of OPDS Input

5. In the URL field, enter the website for the Open Bookshelf's crawlable feed:

6. In the Data source name field, enter: Open Bookshelf

7. The Open Bookshelf is a publicly-accessible collection, so no Username or Password is needed

8. If your form has a Mirror field, leave it set at its default value: None

9. If you wish to add the collection to a library's catalog, continue with the next section; otherwise, click the Submit button to save the collection configuration

Add the Open Bookshelf Collection to a Library Catalog

Once you have configured the DPLA Open Bookshelf in a Circulation Manager, you can add it to any library catalog served by the Circulation Manager. The Open Bookshelf metadata records will be ingested only once, but those resulting records can be attached to any library in the Circulation Manager as desired so the works appear in the specific library's catalog. Follow these steps to attach the collection to a library. The instructions assume the library's record has already been created in the Circulation Manager. If not, first create the library in the Circulation Manager.

10. If you are continuing from the section above by adding the first library, go to step 11. If you're adding a new library:

a. Login to the Admin interface as needed
b. Click the Collections tab in the left sidebar
c. Find the DPLA Open Bookshelf item in the list and click its Edit button

11. Under the Add Library field, click the drop-down list 
12. In the dropdown list, click the name of the library to which you'd like to add the Open Bookshelf titles 
13. Click the Add Library button 
14. Repeat steps 11-13 for any additional libraries you wish to add 
15. Click the Submit button to save your changes for the collection 

Delete a Library's Connection to the Open Bookshelf

If you accidentally include a library in the attachment list or if later it is desired to remove the Open Bookshelf from a library's catalog, it's an easy process to remove the library.

1. Repeat step 10 in the previous section if you are not on the DPLA Open Bookshelf collection record 
2. Under the Libraries field, click the X icon to the right of the library name(s) you wish to remove 
3. Click the Submit button to save the changes to the collection record