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This document is to help you integrate an external Elasticsearch server, or service, into your Circulation Manager so users can search the library's collection. The search feature of the SimplyE mobile apps relies on this integration.

Required Information

To create a Search integration, you must obtain the URL (IP address or hostname and any port number) required to connect to the search server. If you are following our guide to creating a demonstration Circulation Manager instance, the URL will typically be a local one: For an AWS deployment, where you are using the AWS ES service, the URL will have the form: https://vpc-[domain-name]-[unique-id].[region] .

Configure the Search Integration

Configure the Elasticsearch service integration for the Circulation Manager:

  1. Click the Search sidebar item
  2. Click the Create a new search service item
  3. Enter a descriptive name for the service; e.g., Elasticsearch indexing server
  4. Currently only the Elasticsearch server is supported, so the default Protocol item is appropriate
  5. Enter the URL to your Elasticsearch service as noted above
  6. Unless there is a local reason to change it, leave the default Elasticsearch index name as circulation-works
  7. Click the Submit button.