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Information Guides

SimplyE Circulation AnalyticsRobert WilliamsOct 25, 2019
SimplyE Hosting Cost CalculatorRobert WilliamsAug 27, 2019
Understanding Languages in the Circulation ManagerRisa WolfAug 13, 2019
How Adobe DRM Works in SimplyERobert WilliamsJun 12, 2019
SimplyE Library Implementation GuideRobert WilliamsJun 21, 2018
Getting Your Books into SimplyERobert WilliamsJun 15, 2018

Deployment Guides

Quickstart: Deploying SimplyE with DockerRobert WilliamsDec 06, 2019
Quickstart: Configuring a Demonstration Circulation ManagerRobert WilliamsJun 05, 2019
Install SimplyE using DockerJames English [X]Jun 18, 2018

Guides under development

Other Development Guides under development:

  • Creating SimplyE Infrastructure on AWS: An overview of infrastructure requirements for implementing a Circulation Manager in a Virtual Private Cloud (coming soon)
  • Deploying a SimplyE Service: A step-by-step guide to deploying a testing instance of SimplyE


How-To Guides

Troubleshooting Guides

Books Don't show up or disappear from collectionJames English [X]Aug 19, 2019
Resolve Adobe device activations reached ErrorRobert WilliamsJun 13, 2019
Android Client will not openRobert WilliamsJun 13, 2019
Diagnosing Loan and Download IssuesRobert WilliamsMay 29, 2019
Getting Syntax Help for Command Line UtilitiesRobert WilliamsFeb 21, 2019
Web Server 500 ErrorRobert WilliamsJun 08, 2018
Missing Cover ImagesRobert WilliamsJun 08, 2018
Book not in search resultsJames English [X]May 31, 2018

User FAQs and How to Guides

TitleSub-title / DescriptionFormatLocation / Link
SimplyE How to Guide iOSA Google document that can be used as a training aid to staff or library patronsGoogle DocsSimplyE How to Guide iOS
SimplyE How to Guide AndroidA Google document that can be used as a training aid to staff or library patronsGoogle DocsSimplyE how-to Android

Testing Scripts

TitleSub-title / DescriptionFormatLocation / Link
AudioBook Integration Test ScriptsThis document is the step by step testing scripts for tester to validate Audiobook functionalityGoogle DocumentiOS AudioBook Integration Test Scripts

Marketing Materials

  File Modified
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation SimplyE Template.pptx Jun 18, 2018 by James English [X]
PDF File SimplyE - The benefits of an open source reading platform.pdf Jun 18, 2018 by James English [X]




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