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Why aren't all of the titles I see in Overdrive in my collection on SimplyE?

Some titles from Overdrive are only distributed in Overdrive Read or Kindle format.  The title must be in EPUB format to work in SimplyE.  There are a very low number of titles that aren't available in EPUB.  The titles that aren't in EPUB format still come through Overdrive's API and are delivered to SimplyE.  To clear these out there is a scheduled task that runs to make sure that the collection that you see in SimplyE only includes formats that are supported by the app.

What do the "Main Collection," "Popular Books," and "Everything" facets mean?

The "Main Collection" facet was created for a specific purpose, e.g., to filter out thousands of non-classic works imported through Project Gutenberg. These works were swamping search results with books that held little interest for contemporary readers, so NYPL created a facet to exclude them. As far as we know, NYPL is the only library that imported these works into its collection before the project replaced it with Project Gutenberg's public domain ebooks with CC-licensed editions from Feedbooks. Most of these titles were removed from NYPL's collection, therefore the need for "Main Collection" no longer exists.  This face should be removed with JIRA ticket SIMPLY-2286.

The "Popular Books" facet includes titles with a high quality score, which combines the common-sense notions of "literary quality" and "popularity" into a single number. By default this number is .65, but it can be modified by the library in the Circulation Manager.

"Everything" includes all titles within the collection.

What is the default sort?

The default sort for books is by title. the default filters are "Everything" and "Available Now." This can be modified by the library in the Circulation Manager.; options include author, title, recently added, and random.

If a library updates metadata for a specific title, will it affect all libraries on the Circulation Manager or all libraries using SimplyE?

No. Any metadata changes are saved to that library's configuration only.

When configuring a list to automatically add new books from one of the configured content sources, how long are titles considered "newly" added to those sources and be added to the list?

Once the list is configured to automatically add new books, all new books from that date forward will be added to the list.  Manual curation is needed to remove titles from the list that are no longer considered to be new.  This behavior is correct as of version 3.0.2 of the Circulation Manager.

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