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A brief explanation of how the "Languages" section is reflected in the Circulation Manager and the SimplyE apps.

What does the Languages form do for a library?

When you create the initial set of lanes for a library, we need to know which languages are the focus of the library's collection. The languages added to "The primary languages" section will then auto-generate four top-level lanes -- fiction, nonfiction, ya, children's -- each with a variety of sublanes. "Other major languages" get their own section with fiction, nonfiction, and children/YA. For "Other languages" there is one lane per language and all books in that language are grouped together.

Any language not mentioned is not shown in the lanes -- you can only find books in those languages by searching for them.

When lanes are automatically generated, the names of language-specific lanes are set to the native name of that language - e.g. the name of the German lane is "Deutsch" and that is how it is represented in both the Circulation Manager and in the SimplyE app.

Is this section the only way in which language-specific lanes or lists can be generated?

No. OPDS feeds generated by the circulation manager may contain content in many languages -- the descriptions of books, for instance -- and some of that content (the names of lanes) is generated by the circulation manager itself.