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A guide to configuring the SimplyE Circulation Manager, for hosting/implementation providers or technical library staff


titleStatus: Development

This guide is currently under development. We're converting from a previous set of documents, so a few of the instructions and links are no longer valid. As soon as the conversion and initial edit is complete, we'll update the status to draft. Nevertheless, comments and feedback are welcome.



This document provides the basic instructions necessary to configure a demonstration implementation of the Circulation Manager. They provide access to a single library with a small, open access collection. This configuration does not yet demonstrate configuring a DRM-protected library service stream from a commercial service, such as Overdrive, Bibliotheca, or Axis 360. Instead, the aim here is to:


Web Browser. Last, you must use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to work in the Admin configuration interface. The Admin interface currently does not render correctly in Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Edge browsers.

Accessing the Circulation Manager Admin Interface

Create a Circulation Manager Administrator User

The first action to take in configuring your Circulation Manager instance is to create an administrative user. Currently, it is possible to use two mechanisms to enable access to the Circulation Manager's admin interface:

  • Creating individual user accounts 
  • Configuring single sign-on using Google accounts

For the first access to the Circulation Manager, we recommend setting up a single user account acting as the primary administrator of the system. Subsequent access can then be configured as needed.

Access the Web-Based Configuration Interface

  1. Open a web browser and go to the /admin path in the Circulation Manager domain,
    as specified above; e.g., 
  2. Scroll the bottom of the initial page to the section Create a new individual admin 
  3. Enter the appropriate administrative user's email address in the Email field
  4. Enter a secure password (12-16 characters recommended) into the Password field
  5. Click the Submit button below the form


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When the administrator account is created, your browser will be redirected to the Admin login page.

Login as the Administrator


On the Circulation Manager's login page:

  1. Enter the email address of the administrator you created above into the Email field
  2. Enter the password you created for the administrator into the Password field
  3. Click the Sign In button
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Once you have installed the circulation manager software, go to https://<your-circ-manager-url>/admin, and:


  1. Configure a patron authentication technique (SIP or ILS) and associate it with the libraryDocument needed?
  2. Configure an analytics mechanism and associate it with the library.Document needed?
  3. Configure collections and associate them with the library. Guide Document
  4. Register your library with NYPL's library registry.


General Configuration of the Circulation Manager

Perform Web-Based System Configuration