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Along with these caveats, patrons should be provided a copy of the app cleanup instructions provided below.

Steps to Reset Account ID

To reset a user's Adobe account ID follow the one of the options below for your version of the Circulation Manager:

Command Line (Version 2.2.9 or earlier):

bin/repair/adobe_account_id_reset --delete LIBRARY SHORT NAME PATRON IDENTIFIER

Admin Interface

  1. After logging in to the admin interface, select the library of the affected patron.
  2. Click "Patrons"
  3. Enter the patron's identifier in the "Identifier" box.
  4. Click "Submit" to look up the patron.
  5. Follow the instructions (this includes notifying the patron of what will happen and explaining the cleanup they'll have to do on their side–see below)
  6. Check the box "Patron has been informed about this change"
  7. Click the button "Reset Adobe ID"

Patron App Cleanup Steps

On the patron side, one cannot simply uninstall and reinstall the SimplyE app. (As mentioned above, this is actually one of the leading causes of these problems.) Instead, the patron must follow the procedure below for her type of mobile device.

Following the instructions below will remove all references to the patron's old Adobe ID on their mobile device. Afterward, their new Adobe ID will be usable.

On iOS devices

With iOS devices, the reset process is easier. A patron simply needs to log out of their library account and then log back in.

On Android Devices

With Android devices the process is more cumbersome. A patron must log out of their library and also clear their app cache and app data for SimplyE. After clearing data, then they can log back in to their library account. Clearing data, however, is a complete process