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Your library collection/catalog lives at its Circulation Manager, with a URL like: Change the base URL in the following requests to match your Circulation Manager domain and library shortname.

  • Start off by issuing a search command for the title that caused/displayed the problem:
  • In the OPDS feed of results, find your problem title and look for its loan link. It will include a borrow action:
  • Copy the link and paste it into your web browser; you will be asked to provide a user barcode. You can use the test barcode for the library and its password/PIN, or use the credentials for your own account. Accept the values and you should be able to borrow the book. The OPDS entry you get in response to the borrow request includes a link with a fulfill action for the title:
  • This is the URL that will give you either the audiobook manifest (for an audiobook) or the ACSM file (for a DRMed ebook). For this particular problem case, this is the point at which the error most likely occurs, since you mentioned that ebooks are fulfillable.


  • Copy the URL into your web browser and issue the request. If it succeeds, then you can eliminate the Circulation Manager from consideration as a cause of the error/problem. If it fails, you should receive a response with more information than you receive in the SimplyE app.

In this particular case, visiting this URL in my browser results in a pause that's longer than I'd expect, but at the end I get an valid-looking audiobook manifest, which _is_ the expected result. There is no error. Therefore, the most likely cause of the problem seen is a transient error on the vendor/provider side. We know that this kind of error happens regularly, for every vendor we've integrated thus far, although the details are always different.