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When your library is part of a consortium that has a primary, overarching collection, but your library has a separate Overdrive Advantage collection, you need to configure the Advantage collection and associate it with the primary collection.

The script bin/informational/overdrive-advantage-list will query Overdrive to learn about all Overdrive Advantage collections associated with a primary Overdrive collection. In particular, it will list the names and library IDs of all libraries with an Overdrive Advantage collection associated with a primary collection. This is a useful script to run when setting up Overdrive Advantage accounts, because it can save some back-and-forth emailing with Overdrive.

To configure the Advantage collection:

  1. Login to the Circulation Manager Admin interface
  2. Click the System Configuration top menu item
  3. Click the Collections item on the left sidebar
  4. Click the Create a new collection item
  5. Select Overdrive from the Protocol dropdown list
  6. In this case, we need to link the new collection to a parent collection; select the appropriate parent collection from the Parent dropdown list

    Notice that selecting the parent collection removes several of the configuration options. This child collection will use the corresponding values from the parent collection.
  7. Under Library ID, enter the corresponding ID from your credentials email provided by Overdrive (or obtained through the bin/informational/overdrive-advantage-list script)
  8. Select the desired library record from the Add Library drop down list
  9. In the library sub-form which displays, in the ILS Name field, enter the Library ILS name string provided by Overdrive
  10. Also in the library sub-form, in the Default Loan Period field, enter the length of the library's ebook loans
  11. When you have finished the library sub-form, click the Add Library button to enable titles from this collection to be displayed in the library's SimplyE browse feeds
  12. When you have reviewed the form and are ready, click the Submit button to create the Overdrive collection. If the Circulation Manager management scripts are all running, an ingest process for existing title metadata from Overdrive will begin within the hour.