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Step 1. Post a message to the #development channel (especially to @grego) on on Slack to see if there are any current issues affecting the Android client itself. If not, go to step 2.

Step 2. It is likely that the Adobe registration for the particular device user has reached its limit of 6 activations. This can occur especially when testing the SimplyE app. It is possible to reset the device activation count, but doing so will render any current checkouts, bookmarks, or other client-side persistent data unrecoverable (the user will appear to be a new user). To reset the user's device registrations:

  1. Log into the circ-webapp container's host instance
  2. Enter the container: sudo docker exec -it circ-webapp /bin/bash
  3. Activate the Python virtual environment: source env/bin/activate
  4. Run the script to reset the user's activations (substitute the actual user barcode for the bracketed placeholder): bin/repair/adobe_account_id_reset <user_barcode>
  5. Review any output for issues
  6. To finish, deactivate the virtual environment: deactivate
  7. Exit the container: exit

For more information on this issue, see the article Resolve Adobe device activations reached Error.

Step 3. Re-test.

  1. Try reinstalling the SimplyE app again (beta or production)
  2. Once installed, try opening the app
  3. If the app opens, 
    1. choose your library from the list of libraries
    2. add your user credentials
    3. try borrowing an item
    4. if successful, try returning the item
  4. If any of these steps fails, report back to the #development channel for further diagnostics


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