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Command Line (Version 2.2.9 or earlier):

  1. Log into the circ-webapp container's host instance
  2. Enter the container: sudo docker exec -it circ-webapp /bin/bash
  3. Activate the Python virtual environment: source env/bin/activate
  4. Run the script to reset the user's activations (substitute the actual user barcode for the bracketed placeholder): bin/repair/adobe_account_id_reset --delete LIBRARY SHORT NAME PATRON IDENTIFIER
  5. Review any output for issues
  6. To finish, deactivate the virtual environment: deactivate
  7. Exit the container: exit

Admin Interface (Version 2.2.10 and later):

  1. After logging in to the admin interface, select the library of the affected patron.
  2. Click "Patrons"
  3. Enter the patron's identifier in the "Identifier" box.
  4. Click "Submit" to look up the patron.
  5. Follow the instructions (this includes notifying the patron of what will happen and explaining the cleanup they'll have to do on their side–see below)
  6. Check the box "Patron has been informed about this change"
  7. Click the button "Reset Adobe ID"