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UPDATE: Deprecated as of Circulation Manager v2.2.8. For v2.2.8 and later, see the forthcoming document Add a Library to the SimplyE Library Registry.


This article describes the second half of the library registration process with NYPL (see Obtain a DRM Client Secret from NYPL for the first part). This registration is required whenever any of the library's ebook providers rely on Adobe DRM protection (Overdrive, Axis 360, Bibliotheca, etc.).


In addition to obtaining the client data from NYPL, you also must have completed the process to Create a New Library. After you've created the library, you're ready to configure the library's short client token.

Step-by-step guide

You can actually configure the client token using either the circ-scripts or circ-webapp containers. The containers currently (v2.2.5) have slightly different entry paths, but otherwise the process is the same. Use the information you obtained from NYPL in the previous step, Obtain a DRM Client Secret from NYPL, to substitute for the placeholders shown in the following steps:

  1. Log into the circ-scripts container's host instance
  2. Enter the container: sudo docker exec -it circ-scripts /bin/bash
  3. Activate the Python virtual environment: source ../env/bin/activate
  4. Run the script: ./configuration/short_client_token_library_configuration --vendor-id="NYPL" --website-url <url> --short-name <shortname> --secret <shared_secret>
  5. To finish, deactivate the virtual environment: deactivate
  6. Exit the container: exit