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UPDATE: Deprecated as of Circulation Manager v2.2.8. For v2.2.8, see the forthcoming document Add a Library to the SimplyE Library Registry.


To enable library users to borrow ebooks from their library's various DRM-protected provider collections (Overdrive, Axis360, Bibliotheca, etc.) in the SimplyE apps, you need to register the library with NYPL's SimplyE Adobe ID service. The registration process results in a Short Client Token identifying the library and used by the Circulation Manager to authorize users with the NYPL Adobe ID license. You'll need to contact NYPL staff on the SimplyE Slack site to begin the process, as mentioned below.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Send a direct message (DM) to NYPL staff (currently Leonard Richardson, @leonardr) on Slack, supplying the following library information (a demo library is shown below; substitute the correct information you've gathered for your particular library):
    1. Library name: ABC Public Library
    2. State: FL (this is referenced in the library shortcode created below)
    3. Library website (make sure of HTTP vs. HTTPS)
  2. NYPL staff will create a shortname for your library, six characters long. The first two characters will be a two-character postal abbreviation.
  3. NYPL staff will create a shared secret for your Circulation Manager to use in creating a token used in borrow actions against the NYPL Adobe ID license.

NYPL staff will return a DM to you with both the library's shortname and its client secret. 

To complete the library registration process, follow these articles:

  1. You will Create a New Library in the Circulation Manager.
  2. You will Register the Library Client Token (deprecated) at the circ-scripts container's command line.