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Target release2.X
Project statusIN PROGRESS
Document owner

James English [X]

DevelopersAmy Slagle


    • enable libraries hosted on multi-library circ managers to view a data dashboard with data from only their library 
    • enable library staff to see data about collections use in one place, in aggregate and at the title level, 

Background and strategic fit

The SimplyE Circ Manger Dashboard provides a rudimentary yet aggregated view of collection use and activity for content distributed from multiple content sources through SimplyE for a single instance for the Circulation Manager.  With the advent of multi library functionality, this unique capability can be improved to provide the data on a per library bases rather than Circulation Manger instance.  Additionally more facets and dimensions can be added to improve the ways libraries view the data and monitor their circulation activity.


  • This work was requested by and is being sponsored in part by CSL 


#User StoryNotes
1As a library staff member I want to view the data dashboard with only info on my library only
  • Libraries can select a particular library in a multi tenant circ manager to filter the metrics.
2As a library staff member I want to view use data at a granular and aggregate level so I can report our and inform collection decisions
  • libraries can view the circulation by collection vs distributor

User interaction and design


Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:


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