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Target release2.X
Document statusWORKING
Document owner

Micah May

DevelopersAmy Slagle


    • Provide a web page for each item that allow the patron to borrow or place a hold on the item 
    • Enable libraries to load a link to this page into their catalog records for items so as to enable \ marc 520 uri support
    • Allow libraries to direct mobile users to a book in SimplyE through a catalog link (instead of linking to another distributors app) 

Background and strategic fit

The goal of Library Simplified and SimplyE is to help enable a smooth and easy discovery experience.  In order to enabling discovery of DPLA Exchange titles within a libraries online and mobile catalog 


  • DPLA pilot libraries need links to item web pages in their catalog records in order enable satisfying discovery AND if DPLA does not start building this now it will not be done in Q3.  DPLA can team effectively with Amigos on this work 


#User StoryNotes

As a user I want to find an eBook from the DPLA Exchange in the libraries catalog and follow a link to borrow the book or place a hold.  

2As a users of the mobile web catalog I want to link directly to the borrowed item in SimplyE so I can read the book there 

User interaction and design


Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:


Not Doing