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What's the easiest way to find the version of circ manager that I have installed? Is it anywhere in the web admin? Or do I need to SSH in to view something?


As you mention, depending on your environment, there are a couple of different ways to obtain the version number of an installed Circulation Manager service.

  • From the Web. If you have a browser in front of you, you can access the Circulation Manager domain with a path of /heartbeat to retrieve the release and version information: e.g.,
  • Logged into the Circulation Manager Host. If you're logged in at a command line on a host where you've directly installed the Circulation Manager software, you can display the contents of a version file in the project root: e.g., cat /var/www/circulation/.version
  • Using Docker Containers. If you are logged in at a command line on a Docker host where you're running one of the Circulation Manager containers, you can run a command like that above, or simply display the list of running containers and view its image data:
    • sudo docker exec -it circ-scripts cat /var/www/circulation/.version
    • or, sudo docker ps (look at the IMAGE column; for ours, the version number is the tag we use to pull the container (nypl/circ-scripts:2.3.3); of course, if you deployed the containers without a tag, no version number will show here
  • Using Git. If you are already inside one of the containers, you can use the cat command to show the contents of .version as shown above; you can also use git to display the version tag at which the circulation manager code was deployed: e.g., git status will display something like: HEAD detached at 2.3.3