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Once a library's collection integrations have been created and the ingest process has begun or completed, you can create an integration with the Library Simplified library registry (c.f.) to indicate that your library should be visible through the SimplyE mobile apps.

When you register your library, you'll get the opportunity to choose the "Testing" stage or the "Production" stage for your library. Libraries in the "Production" stage are ready for the general public to use – they will show up  for all SimplyE users. Libraries in the "Testing" stage are ready for librarians to try out, but not for the general public. These libraries will only show up for users who have taken special steps to make those libraries visible.

Once a library is registered, it will show up automatically in the iOS release of SimplyE. There is no need to reinstall SimplyE or wait  for a new release.

Libraries are added to the Android release of SimplyE whenever there is a release – at least once a month. As part of the release process, @leonardr uses the #general channel in the Library Simplified Slack to announce new libraries added to the registry since the last release. To be sure that your library is included in the next Android release, you can send a direct message to @leonardr with details.

On Android, libraries in the "Testing" stage can only be accessed through special test releases of SimplyE. @leonardr can also help you get access to these releases.

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