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Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Libraries sidebar item.
  2. Click the Create a new library button.
  3. Enter the library Name to display in various screens of the Circulation Manager; e.g., ABC Public Library; this name will be displayed in the active library list in the SimplyE mobile apps
  4. Enter a unique Short name for the library; this value will be used as the first segment of the URL path in the library's Circulation Manager OPDS/catalog feed
    1. previously this was a value obtained from NYPL, of the form FLABCL
    2. the suggested form is a two-letter state abbreviation followed by a short tag identifying the library
    3. letter case is optional (all uppercase is not required), though consistent usage is preferred for all libraries configured in the Circulation Manager
  5. Enter an email address into the Patron support email address field, which the library has designated for their patrons to submit help requests
  6. Enter a valid email address into the Default email address to use when notifying patrons of changes field;
    1. This email address is needed to handle email notifications that come directly from the remote content vendor (OverDrive and others); the SimplyE system does not currently send any emails
    2. The email address is required in order for the SimplyE Circulation Manager to submit the hold request to the content vendor; the content vendors normally use this email address to notify patron of hold request updates
    3. This email address should be set to discard or bounce all email sent to it (your email support staff can help with this) because it contains potentially sensitive information about patron activities
    4. An example of an email address you may have seen that performs this function is
    5. NOTE: There is currently no support in the SimplyE app for automated hold request notifications (see About Hold Notifications for information about current development); patrons must check hold status manually through the app
  7. Select a color for the library's mobile app theming; this field is optional but recommended
  8. You can upload a logo image (in PNG, JPG, or GIF format, 135x135px required); this field is optional but recommended
  9. The eng English language code is supplied by default; enter language codes for any other primary languages represented in the library's collection(s); e.g., spa for Spanish
  10. Click the Add button to the right of the primary language field if added.
  11. For production use, there are a number of other elements you should supply: help pages, loan periods, etc.; however, these are sufficient for testing.
    1. If you do not set the focus and service areas, they will default to "Everywhere"
  12. Click the Submit button to create the library in the Circulation Manager. 

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