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The error Adobe device activations reached, which may occur when loading the SimplyE app on a mobile phone or tablet indicates that a particular "user" account in the Circulation Manager has been too many devices activated. This is an error resulting from Adobe's DRM licensing scheme. In the case of SimplyE, the "user" is known in the Circulation Manager by a unique identifier, which the Circulation Manager uses when communicating with an Adobe licensing server. Adobe allows each user to "activate" a total of six devices to access DRM-protected content. Theactivations reached error occurs most often when a user uninstalls the SimplyE app from a mobile device without logging out of the accounts she has created to library collection(s) in SimplyE. Users sometimes uninstall and reinstall the app as a potential way to resolve app issues. But doing so burns a device activation each time.

If your library has a user who has encountered the error, the steps below enable you to reset their account in the Circulation Manager so they can continue to use the SimplyE service. However, there is a caveat with the process: in this reset process, the unique identifier tying the specific user to the books she has borrowed from the library is lost upon reset. Therefore, once the account is reset, the user cannot:

  • access currently borrowed materials
  • access holds placed on items
  • access bookmarks created for books borrowed

Do be sure to explain this to the user before resetting their user account.

Steps to Reset Account ID

To reset a user's Adobe account ID follow the one of the options below for your version of the Circulation Manager:

Command Line (Version 2.2.9 or earlier):

bin/repair/adobe_account_id_reset --delete LIBRARY SHORT NAME PATRON IDENTIFIER

Admin Interface

  1. After logging in to the admin interface, select the library of the affected patron.
  2. Click "Patrons"
  3. Enter the patron's identifier in the "Identifier" box.
  4. Click "Submit" to look up the patron.
  5. Follow the instructions (this includes notifying the patron of what will happen and explaining the cleanup they'll have to do on their side–see below)
  6. Check the box "Patron has been informed about this change"
  7. Click the button "Reset Adobe ID"

Patron Cleanup Steps

Once a patron's Adobe ID has been reset, they need to remove all references to their old Adobe ID on their mobile device, before their new Adobe ID will be usable. 

On iOS devices, a patron must log out of their library and log back in.

On Android devices, a patron must log out of their library, clear their app cache and app data for SimplyE, then log back in.

Uninstalling and reinstalling SimplyE will not help; in fact, it's one of the leading causes of these problems. Uninstalling SimplyE without logging out will 'burn' one of your six Adobe ID activations. The "Adobe activations reached" error is displayed when all six activations have been burned.

On Android Devices

  1. Sign out of the SimplyE app if it is installed
    1. Click ...
    2. bb
  2. Go to the general Settings area on the device
  3. Select the equivalent of "Apps" or "App settings" in the Settings menu
  4. Scroll the list of apps, if necessary, and tap the SimplyE app
  5. Tap the Storage item
  6. Tap Clear App Cache and Clear App Data buttons


  1. Log out of the library account in the SimplyE app
    1. aaa
    2. bbb
  2. Clear the app cache and data as shown below

Patron Steps Upgrading or Re-Installing the App


3. clear app cache and data (instructions above) if on android
4. log in to simplye
other nitpicky information just in case it helps:

When you reset your Adobe ID, all existing loans become unfulfillable if they were ever fulfilled with that Adobe ID.
So you will still not be able to download books you borrowed before the reset

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